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About Us

Located on over a mile of sandy beach along the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia—and nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque town of Inverness—Cabot Cape Breton is Canada’s first and only authentic links golf resort. Featuring 46 holes of exhilarating golf, including two acclaimed World Top 100 courses, 72 rooms of award-winning accommodation, 19 upscale Golf Villas, and exquisite dining in three on-site restaurants, Cabot Cape Breton is intended to excite and inspire at every turn.

The Cabot Collection

Composed of world-class luxury residential, resort, and golf destinations, The Cabot Collection includes Cabot Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Cabot Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, Cabot Revelstoke in British Columbia, Cabot Citrus Farms in Florida, and Cabot Highlands in Scotland.

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Enjoy the digital version of Cabot magazine. Click below to learn more information and read recent stories about the Cabot Cape Breton course.

Highlights Of Cabot Cape Breton's Global Media Coverage

Developers Ben Cowan-Dewar and Mike Keiser handed over a rolling plot of coastal Nova Scotia terrain to...

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Courses in GOLF’s Top 100: Cabot Cliffs (#4), Cabot Links (#12)...

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Nova Scotia’s Cabot Cliffs took the honors for GOLF’s top public course in the country and ranked fourth overall.

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Cabot Cape Breton collection offers an escape from the majestic challenges of Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs...

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The hottest destination in North America, with an understated lodge along the nine-year-old Cabot Links...

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Cabot Cliffs, in Inverness, Nova Scotia, has one of golf’s most dramatic and thrilling finishes, with a cliff-top stretch...

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Cabot Cliffs has justifiably earned a reputation as one of the best golf courses, not only in Canada but the world...

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It is a true golf pilgrimage destination, self-contained with three restaurants, a couple of lodging options, caddies...

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It’s hard to imagine Cabot getting better since it already had the Links and Cliffs courses, but the 1,300-yard Nest...

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“Riveting. Spellbinding. Alluring.”

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We have panellists rating golf courses for our Top 100 and Top 59 Public courses rankings every year...

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Courses that crack the Top 100 represent the top four percentile in the country. Cabot Cliffs #1, Cabot Links #5...

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At just over 1,300 yards, with holes that range in length from 95 to 232 yards, the Nest is punctuated by creative dips...

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The Top 10 Resort Hotels in Canada 2020...

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We’re a thousand miles from home, on the rugged coastline of Nova Scotia, home of the world-class Cabot Links Golf Resort...

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There’s a wonderful, unique ruggedness about Cabot Cliffs as the stirring breakers of the North Atlantic clash against...

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Our Core Values

Our Team

Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our team. By attracting the most caring, engaging and driven people in the world of hospitality, we have developed an incredibly positive and exceedingly vibrant culture. With a focus on the principles of the Golden Rule - treating others as we wish to be treated - the warmth, kindness and good nature of our team is ultimately what sets Cabot apart.

Our Community

Vibrant communities allow people to engage with each other, share memorable experiences, and develop valued relationships. We are incredibly proud of the communities in which we operate, and we will always strive to improve the social fabric and quality of life in these places we call home.

Our Guests

We value the relationship we have with each and every one of our Guests and we are honoured that they choose to visit us. Our goal is to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and we approach every guest interaction as an opportunity to go above and beyond.

Our Environment

Living and working in some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet comes with great responsibility. We want to leave our corners of the earth healthier and more beautiful than when we found them. We strive to be leaders in environmental stewardship as an organization and we hold ourselves, as individuals, to that same standard.

Cabot Cape Breton Leadership Team

Photo of Malcolm Campbell

Malcolm Campbell

Executive Chef

Photo of Kendall Clancy

Kendall Clancy

General Manager

Photo of Kyle MacDonald

Kyle MacDonald

Director, Food & Beverage

Photo of Beth MacLellan

Beth MacLellan

Director, Marketing

Photo of Colin MacLean

Colin MacLean

Director of Construction & Development

Photo of Bobby Pringle

Bobby Pringle

Director, Rooms

Photo of Ted Stonehouse

Ted Stonehouse

Director, Golf

Photo of Lee Strutt

Lee Strutt

Director, Agronomy

Photo of Natalie Woods

Natalie Woods

Director of Talent & Culture

Cabot Executive Team

Photo of Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

Special Advisor

Photo of Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen

Chief Experience Officer

Photo of Heather Crawford

Heather Crawford

General Counsel

Photo of Ben Cowan-Dewar

Ben Cowan-Dewar

Co-Founder and CEO

Photo of Jules Cowan-Dewar

Jules Cowan-Dewar

Chief Marketing Officer

Photo of Gadi Kaufmann

Gadi Kaufmann

Special Advisor

Photo of Ken Purdy

Ken Purdy

Chief Commercial Officer

Photo of Hannes Portmann

Hannes Portmann

Chief Financial Officer