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Sunset walks on the beach. Spectacular hikes through the highlands. Delectable seafood feasts. Peaceful adventures on the water. And some of the friendliest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet. These are just a few of the ways Cape Breton casts a captivating spell on all who visit…and want to stay. Our real estate offerings combine the magic of Cape Breton with the warm and welcoming community of Inverness, and some of the very best golf in the world. Here, you can have a lifestyle made easy, with exclusive owner benefits, luxurious amenities, and modern-day comforts—plus, an optional property management program designed to create a seamless experience for both owners and guests. To own or not to own: The choice is yours. But not for long.

Hillside Homes
at Cabot Cliffs

Masterfully designed and located in the heart of Cabot Cliffs, the Hillside Homes provide stunning golf and sunset views.

Sold Out

With 41 homes sold across three phases of real estate, we are thrilled to build upon our incredible community of like-minded owners. We are proud to build our community with these sold-out phases of real estate.