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Hillside Homes

Hillside Homes

Strategically placed, the 2- and 3-bedroom Hillside Homes offer spectacular golf course and ocean views as well as proximity to Cabot Cliffs, The Nest, the Cliffs Pro Shop, Cliffs Couches, and the Practice Range.

The homes feature an open-concept kitchen, premium appliances, and a coastal-inspired gathering space. The cedar patio extends the living space to the great outdoors, where salt-laced air and magnificent sunsets make it the perfect place to gather with friends and family.

As the Cliffs community continues to take shape throughout the season ahead, we look forward to introducing additional amenities and services, including a new clubhouse, restaurants, and other conveniences. Until then, our Food & Beverage and Guest Services teams, based at the Cabot Links property, will be ready to support throughout your stay, and can work with you to stock your unit with simple breakfast items, snacks, and beverages of your choice. Private dining and shuttle services will also be offered, based on availability. Combining inspired design, luxury amenities, warm hospitality, and a stunning natural landscape, this is coastal living at its best.

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