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Inverness and the surrounding area is not just home to two of the world’s greatest golf courses. It also offers the largest concentration of Bluefin tuna in the world and some of the finest salmon fishing on Earth. Go from the greens of Cabot to the beautiful blue waters of Atlantic Ocean or the Margaree River for yet another unforgettable Cape Breton experience. For more information or assistance booking a guide, please talk to our Reservations Team.

Salmon Fishing on
the Margaree River

One of the best fly-fishing experiences anywhere in the World, the Margaree River is blessed with several species of fish, which either inhabit the river or return from the surrounding oceans each year to spawn. It is the Atlantic Salmon that make the Margaree River world famous, however, speckled (Brook) trout, brown trout and more recently, Striped Bass are found in abundance. Fall is a spectacular time of year on the Margaree, with the surrounding mountains seemingly on fire with colour. The fall season on the Margaree is also known for Atlantic Salmon which range in size from 10 to 12lbs, reaching up to 40lbs. This is your chance to embark on a world class fly fishing experience on Cape Breton Island’s Margaree River. We will connect you with our experienced, passionate and knowledgeable in-house guide, Jimmie Pederson, who can give you instruction on the basics or, for the advanced sportsmen, tips on the best pools and local flies. Before the day on the Margaree starts, you can also visit The Margaree Fish Hatchery in Margaree Valley, which produces thousands of salmon and brook trout in support of the Margaree River. The Margaree River is fly fishing only.


The season runs from June 1 to October 31.


Travel time: 25 minutes each way; duration: half-day (4 hour) trips

Tuna Charter

The Northern Coast of Nova Scotia is most notable for the largest concentration of Bluefin tuna in the world. Tuna charters offer day trips to the fishing grounds for the opportunity to fight giant Bluefin tuna on board a local fishing boat, through the hook and release program. There is a very short and heavily regulated commercial season, but dates vary from year to year.


Travel time: 5 minutes; duration: 8 hours

Deep Sea Fishing

Many fish swim our waters along the coast of Cabot, including mackerel, striped bass, cod (seasonal) and many other bottom fish. Hop on board the 40-foot ‘Seas the Breeze’ for an amazing adventure. In addition to rod and reel, you can also experience traditional handlining; fishing as it was for hundreds of years, just you, the line and the fish!


Travel time: 5 minutes; duration: 3 hours

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